Plush Easter Bunny Sewing Pattern – Sew Your Own Plush Rabbit Dolls!

Spring is in full bloom once again! Just in time for the Easter festivities. And just in time to release this new free plush Easter Bunny sewing pattern!

free easter bunny sewing pattern


These mini plush bunny dolls are so fun to make and adorable too! Whip up a pile of plushies in mere hours! Each fleece bunny takes around an hour and a half to create.

The bunny dolls are made up of super fuzzy fleece and wool felt. This pattern is design for hand sewing, however the fleece bodies will work up fine with the use of a sewing machine and a careful stitch.


Printable PDF Bunny Sewing Pattern!

This pattern is available as a free instant download! Print the pattern from your home computer to sew up your very own Easter bunny plush whenever you may want to!

The bunny sewing pattern will come to you in the form of a digital PDF file. Open the file in a separate window and save to your desktop for later use. Or print it immediately and start your project!

plush bunny pattern

How To Sew Your Own Mini Easter Bunny Plush Dolls!

Materials and supplies needed:

  • Felt
  • fuzzy fleece fabric
  • free bunny sewing pattern
  • doll eyes, beads, or small buttons
  • needle and thread
  • embroidery thread
  • stuffing
  • pipe cleaners (optional)


For full instructions and diagrams to sew your own plush Easter bunny doll, download my printable bunny sewing pattern PDF file.

The materials needed to sew this project are inexpensive and minimal. The finished product fits in your palm!

You can even make these small plush bunnies from fabric scraps! Felt sheets and fleece can be found online and in most fabric shops. Or message me and I can put together a custom sewing kit for you, complete with fleece and dolls eyes!


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