Valentine’s Day Craft – Hand Stitched Heart Felties DIY Tutorial!

If you’re looking for a fun Valentine’s Day craft to make then look no further! These palm sized, Hand Stitched Valentine’s Felt Hearts are so fun and easy to make! The finished results are insanely adorable!

valentine's day craft

These little hand stitched felt heart dolls make for fun and cute handmade gifts, or even as a decoration. Add a string to make them as ornaments! They could even go on a cute kawaii necklace!

These felties really are super easy to make! I’m going to show you how to re-create this Valentines Day craft just how I did, with alternative no sew instructions for kids and those who’d rather not have to sew.

But I promise – even with all the hand stitching, these are fast to make.

Valentine’s Day Craft Idea – How To Make Kawaii Felt Heart Dolls

hand stitched heart valentines

What you’ll need:

  • felt scraps
  • pipe cleaners
  • needle and thread
  • plush stuffing
  • optional doll eyes, embroidery thread, or fabric markers

Step one: Cutting Felt Hearts

Begin by cutting out a pile of felt hearts. These could be cut by hand, or you can use my quick printable heart feltie pattern to trace the heart shape onto the felt.

Each Valentine’s heart feltie will need 2 equally sized, heart shaped felt pieces.

felt hearts valentines craft

Step Two: Embroidered Faces

Next you’ll want to give your heart felties some character! I chose to use doll safety eyes, and embroidery thread to create the facial expressions on my dolls.

For a quick and easy way to add faces try using fabric paint or markers instead! Fine tipped sharpies work magic as well!

Step Three: Adding Arms and Legs

To add arms and legs to the hand stitched heart dolls you will sew some pipe cleaners into the middle of the dolls.

I sew mine in place by sending the needle halfway through the width of the felt. This way you can hold them into place inside of the doll without seeing any stitching on the outside of the felt.

valentines kawaii dolls

For a super fast way to complete this step, use fabric glue or a hot glue gun!

Step Four: Sewing The Felt Hearts

Sew the two layers of heart shaped felt together, with the pipe cleaner arms and legs sandwiched between the layers.

Sew all the way around the outer edges of the heart until there is a small opening left. Use the opening to fill the inside of the heart with stuffing.

Once the heart feltie is stuffed full, sew the opening shut.

hand stitched valentines

Step Five: Finishing Touches!

The last step to finishing the valentines heart felties is to create finished the arms and legs.

Trim the arms and legs to a smaller size using sharp scissors or wire cutters.

Bend the bottoms inward to create small loops as hands and feet.

Viola!  You’ve create an adorable Valentine’s Day Craft project to share with your friends and family!

felt valentines day craft

Have you created felties with my handstitched felt heart Valentine’s Day craft? I would love to see your creations! Feel free to share on social media, or email me pics of your work!

For more free patterns and Valentines day craft swing on over to the Free felt sewing patterns page.

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