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  • Camp Care Bears DIY Care Bear Plush & Giveaway
    care bears camp counselor felt artist delilahiris

    Hey guys! Lately I’ve been hard at work creating a DIY Care Bear Plush Tutorial with a special free felt pattern. And if you haven’t already heard, this week I’ll be a guest camp counselor at Camp Care Bears! This is such a huge honor! I’m a big kid at heart and I just loved the Care Bears as a kid (still do!), So I’m super psyched!

    Can you guess the other part of the big news? That’s right, I’m co-hosting a giveaway with Camp Care Bears! You could win your very own set of handmade, Care Bears inspired artist bears made by yours truly!

    Head on over to the Care Bears Instagram page to find out how to enter!

    handmade care bears

    Make Your Own Care Bear Plush Teddy Bears

    I made these adorable string jointed plush teddy bears with my Fuzzy Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern, then added cute hand sewn felt tummy symbols to the bears.

    Want to make your own Care Bears? I’ve created a felt Care Bears PDF and SVG pattern to add to your handmade bears. And you can have it for free! There’s a full DIY Care Bear plush sewing tutorial, along with videos on how to sew together the belly symbols.

    Teeny Tiny Handmade Bears

    I had so much fun sewing piles and piles of care bear plush and teeny tiny teddies too! I’m still not finished! I love them so much that I’m adding a full set of tiny Care Bears to my personal collection and to gift to special friends.

    Want to attempt your own tiny Care Bears? I made a quick video showing how I hand embroider tiny belly symbols onto the tiny bears.

    tiny handmade care bears delilahiris

    I hope you enjoyed the video! If you decide to make your own Care Bears, or any tiny bears, I’d love to see them!

    Now head one over to the Care Bears Tummy Symbol PDF and Bear Tutorial to see how you can make your on Care Bears Plush!

    Happy Sewing!

  • Limited Edition Mother and Baby Unicorn Sewing Kits

    Hey there everyone! I’ve decided to offer a rendition on my usual Unicorn sewing kit, and offering a new Mother and Baby Rainbow Unicorn kit!

    This kit will be offered on a limited basis for the time being, and offered in both of my classic rainbow unicorn colors – Lavendar Rainbow and Pastel Rainbow.

    Mother and Baby Unicorn Sewing Kits – A Perfect Gift!

    These new kits will make such a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day! Especially the crafty mom in your life. Or makes for a fantastic craft sewing project in these times of staying home safely.

    Each kit comes in a 5″ by 5″ kraft paper box filled with all the materials needed to make a mother and baby felt unicorn.

    • pre-cut felt unicorn pattern
    • tutorial download and stitching cheat sheet
    • rainbow yarn
    • doll eyes
    • needle and thread
    • chenille wire

    To purchase your Mother and Baby stuffed Unicorn kit visit my shop at Etsy.com. Or visit my Stuffed Animals Craft Kits page to peruse the rest of my line of fun to make sewing kits!

  • DIY Halloween Mask: Felt Cat Mask!
    felt cat mask sewing pattern

    Sew Your Own Felt Cat Mask!

    As the days are getting chillier and I’m watching all the leaves fall from the maple trees in my yard, I’m realizing that Summer is officially over an we’ve moved into fall.

    My favorite time of year! Time for apple picking, boots and sweaters, warm fires… And Halloween is almost here!

    It’s become a long standing tradition in this household to make our own Halloween costumes. Creativity runs deep here! DIY Halloween Masks are one of my favorite things to create!

    In this kitty cat obsessed house it only makes sense to create a felt cat mask to my line-up of felt mask patterns!

    Don’t forget – I also have an owl and bear mask available here at Delilahiris.com.

    DIY Halloween Felt Cat Mask Tutorial

    DIY Halloween Mask Pattern

    This mask is meant to be hand sewn from felt, but can also be created with other materials using fabric glue. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it! 

    Recommended Tools and Supplies:

    Start by tracing all of the pattern pieces onto your sheets of colored felt. Carefully trim each of the pieces from the felt.

    Line up the muzzle pieces to the end of the Front Nose/Snout piece as shown below.

    DIY Halloween Mask Tutorial

    Begin sewing the muzzle and snout pieces together, starting from the middle bottom point of the snout moving outward, then folding the muzzle to sew upward along the snout piece.

    Starting from the mid point of the tip of the snout, match up and sew the muzzle pieces to the end of the snout. You will stitch from the middle point of the snout moving outward, then folding the muzzle over to sew upward along the side of the snout piece (see below).

    cat mask tutorial sewing pattern

    Sew the small nose onto the end of the snout. Match the Inner Ear Pieces to the Outer Ear pieces and stitch into place.

    cat mask pattern tutorial

    Now to add decorative detail! Pin the Large Stripe felt piece to the top of the middle of the Snout Piece. Stitch into place. Stitch the Heart Detail into place.

    cat mask sewing tutorial

    Pin the sewn snout and muzzle to the Front Base of the felt cat mask.

    DIY Halloween mask sewing tutorial

    Stitch the snout onto the Mask Base. Optionally you could choose to add a little detail as I have done, by stitching in a decorative running stitch with gray embroidery thread. I chose a deep grey to offset the lighter grey stripes on the cat mask.

    felt cat mask sewing tutorial

    Pin and stitch the Eye Detail pieces into place.

    felt cat mask sewing instructions

    Add the Eyelash Detail pieces and stitch into place on top of the Eye Detail Pieces. Black felt really makes these pop!

    Halloween Mask Sewing Instructions

    Pin the Ear pieces into place on the Mask Base piece. Pin a long piece of ribbon straight across the top part of the Mask Base.

    Cat Halloween Mask Tutorial

    Sew the ribbon into place using a wide basting stitch. Match the Mask Base pieces together and begin stitching in place. Sew across the base of both ears, moving to stitching the outer edges of the mask together, paying close attention to sewing the ribbon securely into place at the edges.

    Felt Cat DIY Halloween Mask

    Once both layers of the mask have been stitched together the Felt Cat Mask is finished!

    DIY Halloween Mask Felt Cat

    This pattern was originally created by me, Delilah Iris for the SewMamaSew sewing blog. Find this and more sewing patterns by me and many other talented makers!

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