Miniature Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns… And Duck… And Chick… And A Wee Fuzzy Bunny!

Download and print these miniature teddy bear sewing patterns to create your own tiny string jointed pocket plush animals!

miniature teddy bear pattern


These adorable string jointed plush dolls are fun and easy to make. Each mini animal doll stands about 3.5 inches tall. Depending on sewing experience, a single pocket plush can be worked up in about 1-2 hours.


Make Your Own Mini Teddy Bear, Bunny, Duckling, or Fuzzy Chick Doll

teddy bear sewing pattern


Miniature Teddy Bear Pattern… $5.00




duck sewing pattern


Fuzzy Duckling Sewing Pattern… $5.00




plush bunny pattern


Wee Fuzzy Bunny Pattern… $5.00! 




chicken sewing pattern


Fuzzy Baby Chicken Sewing Pattern… $5.00





Buy The Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns Bundle!

mini jointed teddy bear pattern


Bundle for $14.50… 







Material and Supplies Needed For This Project:

  • felt and fleece scraps
  • needle and thread
  • embroidery thread
  • dolls eyes, tiny buttons, or beads
  • stuffing


These tiny handmade teddy bears and animal dolls are meant to be hand sewn. Although their little fleece bodies can be machine sewn to save time.


Digital PDF Sewing Patterns

These teddy bear sewing patterns will all come delivered via email as a printable PDF file.

These patterns are digital! This means that you can save these files to your computer to print any time you’d like to use this sewing project!

Make piles of adorable pocket plushies whenever you want to! A perfect rainy day project or Easter craft!


How Can I Use These Plushies?

These adorable plush dolls and miniature teddy bears make fine gifts! Stitch up a pile to give to your friends and family.

They will make wonderful birthday or even baby shower gifts.

Sew in a string for hanging to make holiday ornaments!

These cuties are just small enough to stuff into a over-sized plastic Easter egg! Include them in a Easter basket, or in a egg hunt!


I really hope you enjoy my patterns! I would love to see all your adorable handmade critters! Email me your pictures, or share on social media at my Instagram or Facebook accounts! Tag #delilahiris on your pics!


Happy Sewing!


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