A New Felt Doll Sewing Pattern… Daffodilly Dandelion Dolls Are Here!

Introducing the newest of my little felt doll sewing pattern designs – The Daffodilly Dandelion Dolls. These little cuties are a pocket sized doll, at only 5 inches tall!


tiny doll sewing pattern


About This Felt Doll Sewing Pattern…

Want to make your own Daffodilly dolls? Grab the printable PDF pattern here and get started making your own little pile of adorable felt pocket dolls!

These dolls are intended for hand stitching from quality felt. So basic hand stitching skills are recommended. Each completed doll stands approximately 5 inches tall, with sewn in wire for complete pose-ability! The pattern includes pattern pieces and instructions to create the doll, dress, and tiny fringe boots.

The pattern will come to you via your online inbox as a printable PDF file to download!



Handmade Dolls Custom Order and Ready To Ship!

tiny felt doll pattern

felt doll sewing pattern

Looking for a unique artisan created handmade gift? I’m also offering these little dollies for sale in my Etsy shop. Swing on by to snatch one up today, or to order your very own custom made Daffodilly Doll.

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