Spring Into Spring! Hippety Hoppety Felt Bunnies!

mini bunny rabbit patternIt’s just about that time of year again! The snow has melted, the birds are singing, and the flowers are beginning to lift their heads and peek out from underneath the soil.

Soon they’ll uncurl their leafy appendages and reach for the sun. And everything will bloom in a radiant palette of mother nature!

And all the little furry beasties will awaken and come forth!

Which brings me to… Bunnies!! What better for the coming season and the holiday? I have some fun sewing patterns for those of you looking for a holiday sewing project or handmade gift. AND I will be creating a pile of art toys to list in my Etsy shop for those of you looking for artisan made toys and gifts.


Felt Bunny Sewing Patterns!

Sew a whole pile of different colored bunny toys! These work up really fast and stand about 4 inches tall from toe to ear tip. Pssstt! These fit perfectly in an over-sized plastic Easter egg! Perfect for the extra special Easter egg hunt! Or tuck em into a basket, OR make them into hanging ornaments!

Snag the mini Easter Bunny sewing pattern here!

felt bunny toy ornament



Little Dollhouse Bunny Doll Pattern

These adorable little bunny dolls stand at approximately 4 inches tall. These little dollies are easy to make, make perfect gifts, and can even be used as adorable dollhouse dolls. You could even pair them with my mushroom dollhouse!

minitaure doll bunny pattern


Or your could even snag the whole bunny family sewing pattern here!

Bunny Dolls Sewing Pattern



Or you could make a full 11 inch sized bunny doll with a cute little collared dress! Snag the Bunny Doll Pattern here.

bunny doll sewing pattern



Handmade and Custom Felt Rabbit Art Toys

Head on over to Etsy to order ready to ship and custom bunny toys and more!

felt bunnies

Happy Springtime Everyone!