Felt Animal Patterns – Sew Your Own Stuffed Animals!

Felt Animal Patterns – Sew Your Own Stuffed Animals!

Use each of these printable felt animal patterns to create your own handmade stuffed animals!

These patterns are designed to be sewn with felt. Making them perfect for beginners to sewing and hand stitching.

rabbit felt animal patternI decided to share my patterns with the world as a way of paying it forward… Spreading the love.

It’s almost like spreading MY love, for my children, all over the world!

When you create with one of my felt animal patterns, you are recreating a moment in time that was full of warm and loving inspiration!

You see, each and every one of my felt creations is inspired by and for my children!

One step into my home and you can find my toys  all around. They are intermingled with my children’s things. They are tucked on shelves and book cases. They are simply everywhere!

Many of the patterns transpired by a simple request… “Mom do you think you could make me a toy horse?”

“Mom! Look at the deer in the back field! Can you make me a family of deer to play with?? Please, pretty please?!”

They just love these toys! Hopefully your children will love them too!


Sew Your Own Felt Stuffed Animals!


About My Felt Stuffed Animal Patterns

Each of my designs begins with an idea, and then a sketch. I hand draw each of the stuffed animal patterns from the start, and then computer draft the pattern to make them easy for you to print, read, and sew with!

The patterns are all instantly downloadable! Once you have the download you can use it over and over to create your own handmade stuffed animals! These felt animals make fantastic as handmade gifts or toys for your children! They even make great decorations, hanging ornaments, or party favors!


Have You Created With My Felt Animal Patterns??

I’d love to hear from you! Stop on by and post a pic at my social media! Or share with the hashtag #delilahiris. I love to see how others interpret my creations. I may even share and feature it on my accounts or right here on this website!