Miniature Felt Unicorn Pattern


Sew and create your own miniature unicorns with my printable PDF baby unicorn sewing pattern!

These little ponies are so fun to make! Create your own magical herd of tiny mystical creatures – unicorns, pegasus, or alicorn!

Sew Your Own Miniature Unicorns!

Recommended Materials & Supplies:

With my miniature felt unicorn pattern you can sew and create your own herd of tiny unicorns!

These little mini unicorns are so fun to make! Create your own magical herd of tiny mystical creatures – unicorns, pegasus, or alicorn!

This project works up fast, about 1-3 hours.  So this will make for a quick afternoon craft sewing project! The finished unicorns make a perfect gift, ornament, or decoration!

Each finished tiny unicorn measures approximately 2.5 inches tall by 2.5 inches long. Such a adorable and dainty miniature, mythical pocket pet that fits in your palm!


Felt Unicorn Pattern Details

This digital PDF sewing pattern will come to you as a digital download via email. Save the files to your computer so you can print and make baby unicorns whenever the mood strikes!

Do you own a personal cutting machine? DelilahIris patterns now include cutting files for your Cricut, Sillhouette or similar machine, making cutting your felt a breeze!  Look for SVG, DXF and PNG files in your downloads.

The pattern also includes tiny wings to make miniature pegasus and alicorn!

These miniature unicorns are designed to be hand stitched from wool blend felt. A similar weight or structured fabric may also work., such as low pile teddy bear fur, or suede There are no seam allowances in this pattern.

Tutorial includes how to sew the ponies with wire armature for a gently pose-able and perfectly balanced miniature stuffed animal.

The tutorial also includes tips on ways to create unique mane and tails.

Make Your Own Miniature Felt Unicorns!

The downloadable PDF mianiture felt unicorn pattern comes with printable pattern pieces, cutting machine files and a photo tutorial! Videos are coming soon!

These handmade tiny unicorns make wonderful handmade gifts! I would love to see the ponies you create with my pattern. Send them to me via email through this website, or share them on social media and tag @Delilahiris  #delilahiris.


Happy Sewing!

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