Felt Bunny Pattern – DIY Easter Bunny Sewing Pattern


Create your own handsewn DIY Easter bunnies with this Printable PDF felt bunny pattern by DelilahIris Designs. Photo tutorial and cutting files included!

Make and sew your own DIY Easter bunny with my printable felt bunny pattern! These little felt Easter bunnies are so cute and fun to make! And you can create them in 1-2 hours!

Each hand sewn bunny stands approximately 3 inches tall from toe to tip of the ear. Which makes them perfect to slip into an over-sized Easter egg. Or simply add a string to create a sweet hanging ornament!


Materials and Supplies List

Printable Felt Bunny Pattern Details

This pattern is computer drafted and delivered to you as a instant download via email delivery. The file itself comes to you as a printable PDF file which you can save and print to use over and over. Because of this you can save the file to your device and make handmade felt bunnies whenever you want!

The pattern can be printed onto standard 8.5″ by 11″ paper and includes photo tutorial instructions to create your own miniature felt rabbit. Do make note that this toy is a miniature so the pattern pieces are quite small. You can, however, feel free to enlarge the pattern to make a larger rabbit toy.

This project is meant to be hand sewn from felt or a similar material. There are no seam allowances.

Itty Bitty Felt Bunny Rabbits!

Who doesn’t love an adorable handmade Easter bunny? With my easy to follow sewing pattern you can make your own army of adorable felt bunnies!

IN our house bunnies are epic. They are the big thing! I find myself creating more and more of these miniature bunny rabbits in many different colors of felt. My kids cannot get enough!

The great thing is, you can whip them up in no time! I even like to add hand embroidery or applique for an extra special and fancy felt bunny. Sew up a handful of cute felties with my printable bunny pattern and use them as…

  • Ornaments
  • Baby crib mobile
  • Easter decorations
  • Adorable and fun kid’s toys

I really do hope you enjoy sewing with my patterns!

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