4.5mm Black Safety Eyes *10 pairs* With Washers


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  • 4.5mm black doll safety eyes with washers.
  • these doll eyes are locking
  • install these doll eyes with pliers
  • 10 pairs

These are 4.5mm black safety eyes with washers to hold the eyes in place. This product comes in sets of 10, with ten eye with posts on the back and ten washers to fit on the back of the posts.

These safety eyes are locking, which means there are small ridges along the eye posts to lock the washer in place once installed. You will need pliers or a similar tool in order to push the washers past the ridges. These eyes are harder to install than non-locking safety eyes.

Please allow some slight variation to size as some batches may be slightly smaller or bigger.

These doll eyes are not meant to be used by children. These are very small pieces that could be swallowed.

I like to use these eyes in making very mini felt dolls, and several of my felt animals. The 4mm black safety eyes are used in the unicorn, hedgehog, cat, and many more patterns!

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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