Valentine’s Felt Fortune Cookies

DIY Cute Felt Fortune Cookies

felt fortune cookies pattern


These little felt fortune cookies are too stinkin’ cute for words! And they are really easy to make, ta boot! I’m sending along a little felt fortune cookie pattern and tutorial to help you along.

Wouldn’t these be just the cutest thing to pass along to your valentine? Fill them with endearing and mysterious little love notes for your special someone. You could even sneak a little candy surprise inside of the cookie. This is a Valentine that would be held onto foreveeerrrr!


kawaii felt fortune cookieI thought of this while munching on local take-out one night with my kiddos. They freaking LOVE fortune cookies. What kid doesn’t??

But I’ll tell you a little secret – I love them too! Who doesn’t love the idea of a cookie full of obscure wisdom or mysterious messages? But I never eat them. So why not create some fortune cookies that you could hold onto forever. It’s just perfect for Valentine’s Day!


How To Make A Felt Fortune Cookie

Step One: The Felt Fortune Cookie Pattern

Print out my felt fortune cookie pattern and tutorial. Trim the pieces from the pattern. The easiest and best way to cut felt, is to use some clear wide packing tape and tape the pattern piece onto the felt. Go ahead and cover right over the pattern pieces so the tape overlaps onto the felt. This makes for easier felt cutting and a nice clean cut. Peel off any tape or paper before suing the felt pieces.

felt fortune cookie tutorial

Step Two: Hand Stitching Felt

Stitch around the outer edge of the circular piece of felt. I like to use a small tight blanket stitch. You can even choose a contrasting colored thread for fine details.

make felt fortune cookies

Next give your fortune cookie some stability by adding in a little piece of pipe cleaner. This makes it so you can put a bit of a fold into your cookie and hold it in place. I like to sew half way through the felt so that your stitches do not show through the outside of the cookie.

fortune cookie pattern

fortune cookie pattern


Step Three: Give Your Fortune Cookie a Kawaii Face

First install some safety eyes. I use 4.5 mm safety eyes with posts and washers.

make felt fortune cookies

I start by inserting pins to determine the best eye placement. Once I know where I want the eyes to be installed, I poke a small hole with some scissors or a thick pin, and push the safety eye posts in place. Press the washers over the posts with a small set of pliers, pressing them all the way in place snug against the felt. Snip the end of the post off with your pliers or some scissors.

Sew on a mouth with embroidery thread.

Step Four: It’s a Fortune Cookie!

Fold the cookie in half so that the pipe cleaner is on the inside. Stitch the edges to hold the cookie shut starting and ending about a 1/4″ from the folded edge to leave a space open for the cookie’s message.

Step Five: Create A Fortune Cookie Message.

I like to print or write a small message first as a visual aid before embroidering a cute, short, and sweet message onto a small white piece of felt. You can easily skip this step and simply print or hand write some messages on paper!

Slide your message into the cookie and Viola! You did it!

kawaii felt fortune cookies


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