Felt Horse Pattern – Sew Your Own Unicorns, Horses, and Pegasus!


stuffed horse and unicorn pattern



PDF Felt Horse Pattern (Unicorn & Pegasus)… $7.95  


Sew your own stuffed horses, unicorns, or pegasus with this printable PDF toy sewing pattern! This digital sewing pattern and tutorial will unleash your creativity to create majestic horses and whimsical mythical unicorns!

Create these hand stitched stuffed toys in two different sizes! The larger pattern will create a 8 inch tall unicorn, or make the smaller 5.5 inch tall horse.

Make your own stuffed horses, or go a step further by adding a horn, and/or wings for mythical unicorns and pegasus!


What kind of supplies will you need?

  • Wool or wool blend felt
  • doll eyes, embroidery thread or beads
  • yarn or wool for mane
  • needle and thread
  • toy stuffing
  • pipe cleaners or wire for a pose-able balanced toy horse


These wonderful stuffed horses are designed to be hand sewn from wool felt or similar material. A wonderful introduction to making your own stuffed toys! The finished felt animals make fantastic handmade gifts!


unicorn pattern

Sew Your Own Felt Horse, Unicorn, Or Pegasus

My young daughter is obsessed with horses. She absolutely loves them. She had been taking horseback riding lessons for about a year before we moved out of state and the lessons stopped ever since. My poor Little One – she is in total horse withdrawal. Until we find another trainer, or somehow get her a pony of her own, I decided to surprise her with a herd of her very own! Her very own herd of magical felt ponies!

When I presented her with the first of our beautiful herd of horses you would not believe the shriek that came out of her. Love at first sight!

stuffed unicorn pattern

felt horse and unicorn


I created this horse with 100% merino wool felt and some natural fiber yarn for the mane and tail, stuffed with sheep’s wool and finished with embroidered eyes.

You can make these Waldorf style with all natural materials, or take into account that very narrow seam allowance and get creative with the fabric and fibers you choose to use. However you choose to create these horse toys you will finish with a fantastic toy for your children. I even add pipe cleaners to the legs for a pose-able toy. So much imaginative fun!

Printable Horse Pattern Details

The PDF pattern is delivered to you by digital download via email. The pattern prints onto standard 8.5″ by 11″ paper and includes instructions to create your own felt horse plush toy. This pattern is computer drafted. Finished horse will measure 8″ or 5.5″ tall.


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