Are they Witches? Or Zombies? … Halloween Felt Doll Ideas!

So recently I received an email from a crafter who said she was using my doll sewing patterns to make little green dolls and American Horror Story doll. Bingo! A light bulb went on in my mind. I immediately pictured little green Wicked Witch dolls and zombies!! Perfect Ideas for a Halloween Felt Doll!

I immediately got to work on a couple of little green dollies for Halloween! All they need now are some brooms and pointy hats. Maybe some stripedy socks…


How to make them into zombies? How about a few red stitches here and there, kind of like a ladder stitch but fully visible! Maybe some red chalk ink expertly applied here and there. They would be so deliciously cute and deranged!

These two cuties above are actually available for sale handmade and ready to ship by either contacting me for an invoice or visit my Etsy shop.


Happy Halloween everyone!