Tiny Felt Doll House Sewing Pattern

Sew Your Own Tiny Doll House

doll house sewing pattern

These adorable felt doll houses stand at only 5.5″ inches tall. The perfect size to fit a DelilahIris mini pocket sized doll!

These lil’ felt houses are made completely out of felt and have a front door that opens and shuts, held closed with a little button clasp. These are really easy to make and so fun to get creative with.

How can you add creative detail to your tiny house?

  • Let me count the ways:
  • hand embroidery
  • creative trim and accents
  • colorful felt and fabric
  • add a doll!


felt doll house patternYou can start adding custom creative detail to your tiny house by hand embroidering the home. Add some decorative accents to the outer walls and door. Sew in shingles to the roof or add some flowers to the walls.

Add some lace or rick rack trim to the roof or anywhere you see fit. Use bright and beautiful buttons for the door.

Switch things up with creative felt colors. And best yet – Let a tiny dolly move right in. They are the best compliment to the tiny house!


tiny felt doll house

This pattern is simple and easy to use. The printable PDF doll house sewing pattern comes as a instant download with pattern and instructions to sew your own little dollhouse.

The houses are meant to be hand stitched from felt and have no seam allowances. Finished houses are about 5.5 by 4.5 inches.  These houses were originally designed to hold my Cutie Pie Pocket Dolls, so they are the perfect size and height for these 4″ dolls. The little window is positioned just right so that their faces peek out form the window.

I do hope you enjoy sewing with me!

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  1. W Mawae Copeland

    These are perfect! Just what I was thinking of to enjoy creative time with my greatgranddaughter when she visits with us.

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