Skeleton Doll Sewing Pattern


Mix the creepy cute and macabre with my printable PDF skeleton doll sewing pattern. Create your own hand sewn and pose-able Halloween dolls!

I’ve mixed creepy and cute all in one with my PDF skeleton doll sewing pattern!

Yes, this is a pose-able skeleton doll! This doll is meant to be hand sewn from felt with sewn in wire for gentle pose-ability!

This makes for a perfect dollhouse doll or pocket companion. Celebrate Halloween with your own little handmade skeleton squad all in their own little poses.

Since these dolls are handmade and DIY it’s a perfect excuse to unleash all of  your creativity! Create embroidered or painted felt sugar skull dolls!

What You’ll Need To Make Your Own Skeleton Doll

  • felt, wool blend is best
  • doll eyes, buttons or beads
  • embroidery thread
  • wire/pipe cleaner
  • toy stuffing
  • small sharp scissors


This Printable PDF skeleton doll sewing pattern and tutorial creates a pose-able felt skeleton doll in two different sizes – the dollhouse sized 5.5 inch doll and the 7 inch skeleton doll.

This item comes as a bundle complete with a printable PDF and SVG & DXF file bundle for personal die cutting machines.


This pocket doll sewing pattern will come delivered to your email inbox in the form of a digital printable PDF  and SVG file bundle. Which means you can save it on your computer and use it again and again to make these adorable and whimsical little felt skeleton dolls!

You can download the pattern by purchasing here or from my Etsy shop. You can even purchase custom and ready to ship items from me as well. Contact me or visit my online shops.

Happy Sewing!

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