Kawaii Felt Elephant Pattern

felt baby elephants pattern

Printable Felt Elephant Pattern – Sew Your Own Hand Stitched DIY Mini Elephants!

This free PDF felt elephant pattern is perfect for a fun rainy day project or sewing handmade gifts! Stitch yourself a pile of adorable baby elephants! The finished elephants stand at approximately 2.5 inches tall by 3 inches wide. This pattern is meant to be hand stitched with felt or similar fabric.

What You’ll Need:

  • felt sheets
  • stuffing
  • needle and thread
  • doll eyes (optional)
  • wire (optional)

This sewing pattern will come to you as a printable PDF file download. You will need a PDF reader to view and print the file. You will find PDF viewing software installed on most devices.

This pattern is digitally drafted for ease of reading, and includes the felt elephant pattern pieces and instructions to create your own mini elephant toys.

felt kawaii elephant pattern

How To Make Your Own Kawaii Felt Elephants

Start by cutting all of the pattern pieces as per the printable felt elephant pattern.

Begin by pinning and sewing the bottom part of the legs.

sewing felt stuffed elephant

Install doll eyes. You could also choose to hand embroider a set of eyes, or even use fabric paint or markers.

Sew on the ears.

sewing felt stuffed elephant

sewing felt stuffed elephant

You can optionally decide to sew on a little heart, or hand embroider some details…

sewing felt stuffed elephant
sewing felt stuffed elephant

Pin the bottom part of the legs to the elephants body, matching the felt up at the legs.

sewing felt elephants

Start stitching at the front of the body towards the back. When you reach the end/back part of the elephant, pin the opposite side in place and begin sewing the legs together.

Continue sewing up the front of the body to the tip of the elephant’s trunk.

Match the front face gusset to one side of the body and begin stitching in place.

sewing felt elephants

Sew the entire face gusset to the body. When you reach the end of the gusset, tie off your stitches and return to the tip of the trunk once again. Sew the opposite side of the face in place.

Begin stuffing the elephant. Sew the remaining felt together until you have one small space open.

 felt elephant pattern

Stuff the elephant completely. Tie a piece of yarn or string in a knot on one end. Tuck the knot into the hole at the back of the elephant. Add in a couple stitches to keep the knot firmly in place inside of the elephant’s body. Sew the last opening shut.

felt elephant sewing pattern

Go back and sew a whole pile of rainbow colored elephants!

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