DIY Stuffed Unicorn Sewing Kits – Make Beautiful Handmade Rainbow Unicorn Plush

rainbow unicorn sewing kits



Rainbow Unicorn Sewing Kit… $24.50 





Make Your Own Unicorn Plush with My DIY Rainbow  Unicorn Sewing Kits


Create your very own mystical, magical and enchanting stuffed unicorns!  These DIY unicorn sewing kits contain everything you could need to make your own plushy, all wrapped up in a neat kraft paper box.

What’s inside:

  • unicorn sewing pattern and tutorial
  • felt
  • yarn
  • doll eyes
  • embroidery thread
  • toy stuffing
  • chenille wire




Your Unicorn Sewing Kit

These magnificent unicorn sewing kits are the perfect activity for a quiet afternoon, or you can even give them as gifts!

My felt craft kits are meant to be hand stitched. Basic sewing skills are recommended. However, felt is a very forgiving medium! Mistakes are easy to cover up or simply do-over!

If you are new to hand sewing, no worries! Each kit comes with a basic hand stitching guide.


stuffed unicorn diy kit


Your Stuffed Unicorns

Each finished unicorn stands approximately 8 inches tall from hoof to horn. You will create your stuffed unicorn from quality wool felt, with plastic doll eyes (or optional hand stitched), and beautiful rainbow yarn mane and tail.

Each pre-printed pattern includes the tutorial to sew your unicorn with a soft wire armature for gentle pose-ability and stability.

With this kit you will create a gorgeous heirloom quality toy or decoration that you can cherish for years to come!