September 2015

felt mask pattern and tutorial

Create your own enchanted woodland bear mask with this printable PDF felt mask pattern!     My kids absolutely love to play pretend and dress-up! We’re nearing Halloween, but in this household costumes are a part of everyday life! What is more fitting than felt masks that can be worn anytime?  DIY Felt Mask Tutorial The bones of this woodland bear mask are relatively easy to pull together. It’s an easy beginner’s sewing project and great introduction to hand stitching. But what I love to do with my handmade felt masks is to add lots of little details! What transforms this mask from the ordinary to the extraordinary are the details. And I’ll show you how to do it all in this tutorial.  What you’ll need: printable PDF bear mask sewing pattern 2-3 brown felt sheets felt scraps for details needle and thread embroidery floss ribbon or elastic (for keeping …

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So… If you haven’t noticed yet I’ve entered my works into the Martha Stewart American Made competition! And I made it to the finalists! The winner to this competition will receive a trip to New York for the big American Made Crafts Market (which my kids are routing on!), $10,000 to grow your business (the part I’m routing on), and a chance to be featured on (which would be, let’s face it, icing on the big ol’ cake! The competition is enormous and fierce. But who knows! Maybe… just maybe, I’ll appeal to the judges panel in just the right way. They opened the competition up for audience participation this past week. Which means you can even help me get a little bit of notice! Go to my finalist profile page and vote for me! Me you can vote up to SIX TIMES PER DAY! Check it out!

Something Fantastic and wondrous, and insanely cute happened here on our little farm. Our Rhode Island Red hen hatched some eggs! Look! Isn’t she cute?? This was when only one chick had hatched and she was still sitting on the eggs. This was the first time in 4 years of raising chickens that a hen had hatched her own eggs for me. Oh what a nerve wracking experience this has been! I was doting on them just as much as Momma was. Catastrophe struck when it looked as though one chick  may not make it . Many woeful tears were wept by my big hearted 6 year old son. But the baby pulled along! And now we have 4 little baby chicks bopping around with their Momma. It’s just so fun and cute to watch while she teaches them how to be chickens.   I couldn’t help myself but to …

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