July 2014

free teddy bear sewing pattern

      Vintage Style Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern   When I was a little girl I had a thing for Winnie The Pooh. Not the cartoon, Disney style pooh bear. But the classic Pooh, and better yet something reminiscent of an old fashioned fat little string jointed Teddy Bear Pooh. I had once known a friend of the family who had a very old, vintage Pooh bear. It was made from wool felt and mohair. She kept it behind glass in a display case in her foyer. Oh how I wanted to hold that bear! I always thought of it and looked for something similar over the years. Until one day I decided to make my own. I sketched out the pieces and sewed it with felt revising the pattern until it came out perfectly. And now I’m sharing my teddy bear sewing pattern with you! Even better, I’m …

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Hand Sewing Running Stitch

  Are you new to hand stitching? The beauty of sewing with felt is that you can hand stitch the felt with no seam allowances. Making for delightfully simple and stress relieving sewing projects. Hand stitching can be incredibly meditative, much like knitting or crochet. And there are many stitches to learn, both in basic hand sewing as well as decorative embroidery. Here I have created several diagrams illustrating the very basic hand stitch techniques. Most of these can be used in some form or other with may of my felt sewing patterns. With a little practice you can be sewing these like  a pro in no time. Taking your stitching on the road? I often bring my sewing with me while I do errands and appointments. For those of you sewing on the go help yourself to this printable hand stitching diagram cheat sheet.   Hand Stitching Cheat Sheet …

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