Stuffed Felt Koala Pattern – Ornament Or Pocket Feltie!

felt koala pattern



Felt Koala Sewing Pattern Digital Download…   $5.00   




Sew Your Own Felt Koala Stuffie Or Hanging Ornament

You can make your own adorable pocket felties or felt koala ornaments with my printable PDF koala pattern.

The pattern creates a adorable 3.25 inch tall stuffed koala. Perfect for a fun project or handmade gift.

Materials and supplies list:

  • felt
  • needle and thread
  • doll eyes or beads
  • embroidery thread
  • stuffing


How To Make Your Own Stuffed Koalas

Begin by cutting all of the correct pieces to complete the Koala.

koala sewing pattern
For a cute hanging Christmas or decorative ornament you can also choose to cut out a heart shape or Santa hat.
Begin sewing the koala by attaching the forehead piece and leg detail using a basic running stitch.
Next sew in the nose, and install doll eyes (optional) or embroider some eyes in place. Add some
simple embroidered claws on each arm piece with some embroidery floss.


sewing stuffed koala


Sew the arms together using a short tight blanket stitch around the outer edges, leaving a small space open for stuffing. Stuff each arm and sew the openings shut.
Match the front and back body pieces together and sew together. Switch to a running stitch at the ears. Leave a small space open to fill with stuffing. Stuff the koala full with stuffing and stitch the opening shut.


felt koala ornament sewing

Create string joints for the arms. String joints are basically just a string or thread running back and forth through the body holding the arms in place, but in a way that the arms are move-able.


teddy string joints

string joint koalas
Begin by making a couple stitches just where the arm will lay  to hold your thread/string in place. run the thread through the body and out the opposite side just under where the opposite arm will lay.

Run the thread through the arm then back again, then through the body again to the opposite side.
Following the same path back and forth over and over keeping the stitches at the arms just on top of each other. After 2-3 stitches are in place on each arm, the arms should be held tightly in place, but in a way that they can still be moved and posed.
Tie off the thread under one of the arms where it will not be seen. The best way to do this would be to make a couple very small tight stitches on top of each other and then tie a knot.

To make the koala into an ornament sew in a hanging string before stuffing the body full. You can sew
a simple heart to stitch to the koala’s hands (holding your heart?) or sew on a cute Santa hat.

felt stufed koala ornaments


Aren’t they so stinking cute??

To purchase finished handmade koala felties or Christmas ornaments come by and visit my Etsy Shop.


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