Lil’ Stuffed Hedgehog Ornament Pattern

I hope you all like hedgehogs as much as I do. I love them! I may be slightly obsessed. And I’m sure this will not be the last hedgehog to make an appearance here on these pages.  have created this felt hedgehog ornament pattern just in time for the holidays to make handmade gifts of tiny pocket friendly hedgehog toys. Or add a string to your hedgehog stuffie and you’ve got yourself a adorable hanging ornament as a decoration or to hang on your holiday tree. You could even add a little Santa hat or a tiny knit scarf!

felt hedgehog patternWhat You’ll Need To Get Started:

  • Felt (in two colors)
  • doll eyes, beads, or tiny buttons
  • needle and thread
  • stuffing
  • string (optional)


How To Make Your Own Felt Hedgehog Ornament Or Pocket Feltie

Begin by printing the stuffed hedgehog pattern PDF file. Cut all of the pieces as per following the hedgehog ornament pattern.


stuffed hedgehog pattern


First pin in place the bonnet piece over the top of the head piece and stitch in place along the rounded part just above the face.

Install eyes and sew in a nose. I have installed a pair of 4.5 mm doll eyes. But you could also use embroidery thread to sew in some eyes, or use beads or buttons.


sewing hedgehog stuffie


Next we’ll make the little hedgehog arms.

You will have cut four arm pieces. Match two pieces up each to make a set of two arms. I like to stitch in some little claws with dark brown embroidery thread.

Sew the arm pieces together stitching all around the edges but leaving a small space open to fill with small bits of stuffing. I like to use a toothpick to push the stuffing in. Once you’ve stuffed the arms sew the opening shut.


stuffed hedgehog pattern


Pin the face in place on the front body piece of the hedgehog and sew in place.


felt hedgehog patternhedgehog sewing pattern


Pin the finished front body piece to the back body piece and sew them together. Stitch the outer edges of the front body piece all the way around leaving a small space open for stuffing. If you are intending to make this into a felt hedgehog ornament then you may want to stitch in a string at this point.

Stuff the hedgehog full and sew the opening shut.

The last step is to sew in the arms. I like to use a string joint to hold the arms in place. Make a stitch to secure your thread in place on one side of the body. Pin an arm in place on the opposite side of the body. Send the needle and thread through the body and out of where the arm will be held in place. Pin the other arm in place on the opposite side of the body. Send the thread back through the arm just next to where your stitching came through. Send the needle back through and out the other side holding the arm in place.

Repeat this over and over about 3-4 times to hold the arms firmly in place. Tie off the thread on the side of the body underneath one of the arms where it will remain hidden.


felt stuffed hedgehog pattern



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