Reindeer Felt Ornament Pattern

reindeer felt ornament pattern



Felt Reindeer Ornament Sewing Pattern PDF Download… $5.00 




Sew Your Own Ornaments With This Reindeer Felt Ornament Pattern

A perfect Christmas decoration or holiday tree ornament – this tiny reindeer measure approximately 3.5 inches tall with pose-able string jointed arms. These felt reindeer are easy to make and work up so quickly. Makes for a perfect holiday project or handmade gift!


What You’ll Need:

  • Printable PDF felt ornament pattern
  • felt
  • doll eyes (optional)
  • needle and thread
  • stuffing
  • details such as ribbon or buttons (optional)


Reindeer Felt Ornament Pattern Details

This printable sewing pattern will come to you in the form of a digital PDF file. This means that you can print the pattern instantly and begin sewing felt reindeer ornaments and decorations immediately!

The pattern is computer rafted for ease of use and reading. It includes sewing instructions and illustrations as well as the pattern pieces.


How To Sew A Felt Reindeer Ornament

Begin by cutting all of the correct pieces to complete the Reindeer.

sewing felt reindeer ornament
Sew in the color contrast on the legs and forehead area, onto the front body piece.

Sew the arms together. Match two arm pieces together and sew them together by stitching around
the outer edges all the way around, leaving a small space open for stuffing. Gently fill with stuffing
use very small bits at a time. I like to use a toothpick to gently push the stuffing in place. Sew the
opening shut.


 felt ornament pattern


Install safety eyes (optionally) or embroider some eyes in place. Add an little felt or embroidered
nose. Stitch the antlers in place with just one stitch or two, keeping it invisible by stitching on the inside of the felt.

felt reindeer ornaments


Sew the scarf across the front of the reindeer with a running stitch. Feel free to add details to the scarf such as embroidery, a small bow or buttons. You may also want to sew in a string at this point to create a hanging ornament.
Match the front and back body pieces together and sew together, with the exception of the ears.
When you reach the ears switch to a running stitch and sew only at the base of the ears. Stitch the
outer edges of the reindeer leaving a small space open to fill with stuffing. Stuff the reindeer full and
then sew the opening shut. Fold the bottom edge (where you trimmed) inwards a bit and stitch it in place to lend some structure to the ears (Ear sewing diagram available in pattern)

Create string joints for the arms. I like to add very small buttons as a detail to the string jointed arms, or you can leave them as-is.
String joints are basically just a string or thread running back and forth through the body holding the
arms on but in a way that the arms are move-able.
Begin by making a couple stitches just where the arm will lay to hold your thread/string in place. run
the thread through the body and out the opposite side just under where the opposite arm will lay.
Run the thread through the arm then back again, then through the body again to the opposite side.
Following the same path back and forth over and over keeping the stitches at the arms just on top of
each other. After 2-3 stitches are in place on each arm the arms should be held tightly in place, but
in a way that they can still be moved and posed.
Tie off the thread under one of the arms where it will not be seen. The best way to do this would be to make a couple very small tight stitches on top of each other and then tie a knot.

reindeer felt ornament pattern


Happy Holiday to you all! Enjoy!



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