DelilahIris Handmade Mini Dolls and Felt Stuffed Animals


Besides designing sewing pattern for handmade toys that are fun to make, I occasionally like to create from my very own patterns as well! Yes, they are just that fun to create!

I’m constantly creating new dolls, stuffed animals, and even designing new crafting kits – all up for grabs in my shops for your collecting and/or gift giving pleasure.

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What Sort Of Hand Stitched Treasures Might You Find?


Hand Stitched Dolls

mini felt animal dollsI create dolls of all sorts! In fact dollmaking might be my favorite thing!

I create everything from hand stitched felt kawaii dolls, to tiny dolls that will fit in your pocket or live in your dollhouse. I create dolls as small as only 2 inches tall, up to 2 feet tall if the occasion calls for it! I will make custom created dolls, portrait dolls, and even one of a kind, artisan character dolls.

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Felt Stuffed Animals

felt squirell stuffed animalI also love to make stuffed animals! All of my felt animals are completely hand stitched with love. I’m constantly creating new designs and even custom designed stuffed animals.

I make everything form fantasy creatures such as unicorns and dragons, to woodland animals, farm animals, and more!

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Box Of Whimsy Club

delilahiris box of whimsy clubLooking for a unique handmade gift giving idea?! Give the gift of Whimsy! A subscription gift box filled with surprise felt toys and whimsy!

Each monthly gift box will contain a cute felt animal or doll, and other handmade art and whimsical tidbits! You never know exactly what you’ll get, but it is always sure to put a smile on your face!




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