Felt Mermaid Doll Pattern – Fun and Free Printable Pattern For Handmade Dolls!

Create beautiful ocean themed dolls with my  felt mermaid doll pattern!

This pattern is a free add-on to accompany the 5″ tall, pose-able Daffodilly Dandelion Dollhouse Dolls available here on my online shop!

Turn your little dollhouse friends into ocean adventurers with one quick change of clothes. They are so much fun to play with!

felt mermaid doll pattern

Make Your Own Mermaid Doll

I had so much fun creating these felt mermaid tails!

Like to keep it simple? You can make this a quick project by simply whipping up a couple of colorful, no frill or fuss tails. Download the felt mermaid doll pattern here!

Of course I like to go all out! The tails shown above were both embroidered and sewn with applique. No worries though – I include pointers on how to use the same design I used in the photos above!

Felt Mermaid Doll Pattern – To Embroider Or Not To Embroider!

There are so many ways you could add some creative detail to your mermaid outfits!

You can sew on some simple sequins or pretty beads. add ribbon or lace with easy to use fabric glue!

For the tails shown in the picture above I used very simple embroidery stitches (the lazy daisy, and backstitch) to add some of the decorative details on those mermaid’s tails.

I cut simple felt flowers and leaves to stitch into place. The most difficult was sewing all those individual scales. It took a long time, but the end result is lovely. Guess what? I’ve included the little scale pattern too!

Share Your Handmade Mermaid Dolls!

I’d love to see what you create with my free printable mermaid doll pattern! Contact me to share pictures, or tag me on Facebook or Instagram!

Happy Sewing!

make your own mermaid doll

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