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fox felt ornament pattern


Woodland Felt Fox Ornament Pattern… 





Sew Your Own Felt Fox Hanging Ornament Or Pocket Sized Feltie!

These little woodland foxes are so super sweet and easy to make! OK, so I admit it, I’m a little fox obsessed! They are just plain one of the cutest of all the woodland animals. These fox felties will make the perfect hanging tree ornament, or keep them as a cute mascot or stuffed toy.

This felt fox ornament pattern will come to you as a digital PDF! Which means you can print the pattern whenever you want to and make piles of adorable felt fox ornaments.

The finished foxes measure approximately 3.5 inches tall. As a hanging ornament or toy they make for a fantastic handmade gift!

Materials and Supplies list:

  • felt
  • needle and thread
  • doll eyes, beads, or embroidery thread
  • stuffing


How To Sew With My Woodland Felt Fox Ornament Pattern

Begin by cutting all of the correct pieces to complete the felt stuffed foxes.

The body, arms, and tail should be cut from Copper felt. The ears, nose, and leg detail should be cut from brown felt. The belly and tail end should be white felt.

Begin by sewing the end of the tail onto the orange tail pieces, by sandwiching the white felt in between the two pieces of orange felt.

Secure your thread at the inside of the tail with a knot and then straight stitch the pieces together.

diy fox felt ornament


Sew the belly piece onto the front of the body using white thread. Knot the thread to the inside of the body.

Sew the nose and leg detail onto the front of the body using brown thread.

Sew the orange felt of the tail together at the edges.

Pin the ears onto the foxes body. They should be sewn to the inside.


felt fox ornament sewing

felt fox ornament sewing


Installing safety eyes is optional! To install safety eyes first determine the placement using pins.

When the placement looks correct to you, create a small dot with a marker. Or poke a hole in the place with small sharp scissors or a toothpick.
Insert the end post of the safety eye into the hole. Gently press the washer onto the back with a small set of pliers. Trim the end of the posts off.
In lieu of safety eyes use embroidery thread, small buttons or beads. You could even use permanent marker or paint.


fox ornament safety eyes

installing safety eyes

Once the eyes are in place it is time to sew in a mouth. I like to use the same brown thread used to sew in the ears and nose.

Knot the thread behind the nose on the inside of the body. Begin the first stitch at the bottom middle of the nose.send the needle back through again to create the mouth. Repeat this for the opposite side of the mouth.

making felt ornaments
Next stitch the tail in place onto the back piece of the body. The tail should be held in place with a series of stitches place directly on top of each other, in the middle bottom base of the tail.
At this point you could also choose to sew in a string for hanging as an ornament. Knot a string and secure it behind the tail, nose, or belly. Sew the front and back of the fox feltie body together by sewing around the outer edges.

Begin at the feet detail using brown thread. Switching to orange thread between the legs and back to brown when you reach the opposite leg. Sew the entire outer edges together until there is a small opening in which to stuff the body full.

Fill the body with stuffing, paying extra attention to push stuffing into the feet. Once the body is completely full, sew the body shut. Thread your needle with long piece of doubled up thread, and knot it just under where the arm will lay. Pin the arms into place. Send the needle through behind and under the arm where you knotted the thread and out the opposite side *through the opposite arm* at the top.

Send the needle back through about an 1/8th of an inch over, back through the body and out the opposite arm. Do this over and over about 3 to 4 times each side so that you have placed stitch on top of stitch over and over. Knot the thread behind or under the arm once again.

Viola! You’re done! You’ve created an adorable fox feltie with string jointed arms and tail!

felt fox ornament pattern


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