Felt Dog Pattern – Sew Your Own Little Stuffed Toy Dogs!

felt dog pattern pdf


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About The Stuffed Felt Dog Sewing Pattern…

Create your very own palm sized stuffed felt dogs with this printable PDF sewing pattern!

Each finished dog stands approximately 3″ tall by 4″ long with the option of inserting wire for a gently pose-able toy! This digital PDF includes both sewing pattern and picture tutorial.


Suggested Materials and Supplies:

  • felt fabric (your choice of colors)
  • doll eyes, buttons, beads, or embroidery thread
  • needle and thread
  • wire
  • toy stuffing



The felt dog stuffed animal sewing pattern is meant to be hand stitched from felt. This is a perfect sewing pattern for practicing hand stitching, learning to make stuffed animals, or just a plain old lazy Sunday.


dog stuffed animal sewing pattern dog sewing pattern

Each palm sized dog takes about an hour and a half to 3 hours to sew, depending on skill level. This is a beginner friendly project!

Make your own pack of adorable little felt dogs! I feel that this pattern is perfect for creating a jack russel terrier or even a beagle! Regardless of breed or color, they are all definitely cute!

What breed of dog would you like to make? Contact me here or via social media! I just may design a pattern for you!

Happy Sewing Everyone!



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