Family of Felt Deer Pattern

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Felt Deer Family PDF Sewing Pattern… $7.95



About This Deer Pattern

This pattern includes all of the pieces and tutorial to make 3 pose-able felt deer. You will make the buck with antlers standing at 9 inches tall. The doe is 6 inches tall and the baby fawn is 3.75 inches tall. So cute!

The pattern will come to you by email as a download link where you can instantly download the PDF file digital pattern. Print and make as many deer as you’d like!


Materials and Supplies List

  • wool felt or wool blend felt
  • fiber fill
  • embroidery thread or 4.5mm safety eyes
  • pipe cleaners (optional but highly recommended)
  • needle and thread


felt deer

Make Your Own Felt Deer

This felt deer pattern is a long time in the coming.

You see, I’ve been staring at these beauties almost every day from the back porch as they graze and cross our field. At times there are as many as six beautiful deer out in our field.

And here I am picturing them as felt dolls for my kids to play with.

Finally I made them! My kids actually fought over who would get to keep this set. Luckily I persuaded them to split them and take turns playing with them. But it’s looking like yet another set of deer felties will be in the making soon!

These deer felt have been made into pose-able felt creatures. And I explain just how to do this in my pattern.  Almost all of my felt creations have been made pose-able, and I have to say, it makes such a difference in the structure of the doll or animal, and makes play time so much fun!


Waldorf Style Deer and Imaginative Play

These deer are so sweet. Can’t you just see them frolicking amongst the grass and wild flowers?

I can almost hear the mother doe softly clicking and calling to her fawn. I can hear the buck rubbing his antlers against the big old oak tree out in the field.

These wonderful toys are suitable for gentle child’s play and fantastic for opening the mind to many imaginative possibilities.