DIY Felt Valentines Gift – Chocolate Dipped Felt Strawberry Pattern

DIY Felt Valentines

Make your own DIY Felt Valentines gifts with this adorable free pattern download by Delilah Iris.

Who doesn’t love a chocolate dipped strawberry? With my heart shaped box and felt strawberry pattern you can make the cutest little chocolate dipped strawberries that will last forever!

What You’ll Need For This DIY Felt Valentines Crafts Project:

Let’s Get started!

Make Your Own Felt Strawberries!

felt strawberry pattern

Begin by cutting all of your felt pieces as directed by the last page of the pattern. The easiest way to cut felt is
with a small sharp pair of scissors. For the greatest precision you could: 1. choose to trace the pattern pieces
onto the felt, or 2. iron some wax paper to the felt then trace onto that and cut, or 3. tape the pattern pieces to
the felt with some wide clear tape, cutting through both tape and felt simultaneously.

Begin by installing eyes on the main body pieces of the strawberry. I like to use a 3-4 mm plastic doll eye but you
could use beads or tiny buttons, embroider the eyes or even paint them. Stitch a small mouth just below the eyes.
Match together the edges of the gussets (cut v’s) at the top and bottom of the strawberry and stitch together at
the back of the felt. Repeat sewing the gussets to the back piece of the strawberry.

felt strawberry pattern valentines crafts

Match together the front and back pieces of the strawberry. Stitch the edges together leaving just a small
opening to insert stuffing. Stuff the strawberry completely full then sew the opening shut. Wrap the chocolate
pattern piece around the bottom of the strawberry and pin or hold into place. Begin sewing into place at the

diy felt strawberry pattern
diy felt valentines chocolate covered strawberry

Sew the chocolate into place at both sides of the strawberry, then top stitch across the top of the chocolate
using a backstitch. Add seeds to the strawberry by stitch very simple straight stitches scattered randomly around
the outside of the strawberry.

diy felt strawberry pattern chocolate dipped
diy felt strawberry pattern chocolate dipped

Add A Stem To The Felt Strawberry

Let’s add a stem to the strawberry! Start by folding the petals of the strawberry leaf inward and in half at the end
of the stem then stitching in place across the top of the leaves/ base of the stem.

Roll the rectangular stem piece up toward the leaves to form a stem and stitch into place along the stem. Place
the leaves onto the top of the strawberry and stitch into place creating a stitch at the top of each leaf.

diy felt chocolate covered strawberry
diy felt chocolate covered strawberry

DIY Felt Heart Shaped Box

Next we’ll move on to create the heart shaped box! This pattern is created to make a basic heart shaped box,
but I encourage you to get creative and decorate the box how you see fit. I’d love to see what you create!

To create the heart shaped box you will need to cut two pieces each for the top and bottom heart shapes. Cut
4 pieces each for the sides of each the top and bottom. Stitch together double layers of each piece, using a
whip stitch or blanket stitch for the outer edges of the hearts. Use a running stitch to top stitch along the edges
of the side pieces.

felt heart pattern

felt heart pattern

diy felt heart shaped box

Pin the sides into place onto the hearts and sew into place with a whip stitch or running stitch until you have a
completed top and bottom of the heart shaped box. fill the box with mini muffin cups and pop in your hand
sewn strawberries! There you have it! A DIY Felt Valentines gift that anyone could love!

diy felt valentines strawberries in heart shaped box