Felt Flower Pixie Doll Patterns

flower pixie doll patterns

Tiny Flower Fairy Dolls

felt flower pixiesThese flower pixie dolls remind me of adorable little fairies and flower folk. They look like they should be frolicking about the garden making little homes out of toadstools and hollow trees!

I have an awful lot of wild flowers sprouting up around my house. In fact, a whole field of wild flowers and berry bushes. Which is what inspired me to create this felt pixie doll pattern.

These dolls are miniature – part of my pocket doll collection. They stand at just 4 inches tall. And I even have a super secret and neato way to make these doll pose-able!

Pixie Doll Pattern Details

These patterns include all of the pattern pieces and tutorials to create pose-able 4 inch flower fairy pocket dolls.

The pattern is computer drafted and comes to you as a digital PDF file. You will receive the file download link via email. Once you have downloaded the file you can save it to print and  use it over and over.


Supplies and Materials List

  • Wool or wool blend felt
  • fiber fill
  • needle and thread
  • fabric scraps
  • safety eyes
  • embroidery thread
  • (optional) pipe cleaners or wire




Felt Yellow Flower Bonnet Pixie Doll Sewing Pattern… $6.00





Felt Red Flower Hat Pixie Doll Sewing Pattern… $6.00






Buy Both Pixie Doll Sewing Patterns… $10.00




felt doll pattern

felt doll flower fairy


Frolic in the fairy garden with these adorable flower pixies!

These two are very best friends. They live in the the hollow little nook in the bottom of the willow tree in your back yard. But you never see them because they are always disguising themselves with flower petals, buds, and leaves.

They drink the morning dew in tiny fairy acorn thimbles. And they feast on alpine strawberries from the untouched meadows along the long dirt covered driveway.

They spend their day gathering tiny wildflowers, and feathers, and seeds. For fun they ride on their pet mice and even sometimes catch a ride on the back of a bluejay.

You can welcome them to your garden with seeds of wildflowers!

Or you could just sew them with felt, a little love, and a belief in fairies. And carry them around in your pocket.


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