Newest Handmade Dolls and Patterns

Newest Handmade Dolls, Soon To Be Sewing Patterns, And A Post Christmas Glow


All Of The Things That Are Happening Here…


It’s been a horribly busy holiday season. End of year holiday season for us includes two children’s birthday parties as well. And a lot of planning. So… busy, busy, busy!


But now that the holidays are over, and Birthdays are coming to a close (tomorrow!) it’s going to be all cold winter days snuggled up by the fire with hot cocoa, sewing dolls and handmade felt animals. And making sewing patterns for you!

Here is some of what I’ve been working on…


handmade felt dolls
A new handmade doll and her tiny friend


I’m working on a line of full sized dolls with adorable doll clothes and will all accompany small pets or friends and accessories. Hopefully eventually even add small originally illustrated children’s books featuring all of my doll characters.


Curly Haired Boy Mini Doll

I love this one! I had a custom request for a boy doll! I had been meaning to get started on some male gendered dolls and families of mini dolls. So this was the push I needed. This particular doll was modeled after the recipient’s Daddy. Curly hair and all. I’ll be adding the printable pattern for sale soon!


Tiny Felt Pocket Dolls
Tiny Felt Pocket Dolls

My tiniest mini dolls yet. These cuties stand at only 3 inches tall! So cute!

tiny cloth dolls



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