Felt Fox Pattern: Woodland Fox Family

fox doll pdf patternI have a confession to make and I might as well get it off of my chest here and now. Because chances are I’m going to annoy somebody with my utter predictability on this one.

… I am mildly obsessed with all things woodland.


There I said it.

So prepare yourself because in all likelihood this will not be the last fox felt I create. And I haven’t even gotten around to the mushrooms and gnomes. The hedgehogs and baby deer, they are all on the way!

I mean, seriously, it must say something that I would pick up my whole life and move it on down to the quiet coutry road in the middle of MAINE! I am in living in woodland ecstasy. We have all manner of woodland creatures running through the field in the back of our house.

We have deer that come in herds with little spotted babies and all. We have moles that look like a leaf skitting across the snow but when you get up close you realize it’s a tiny mole diving in and out creating little snow tunnels. Oh and the red squirrels! Squeeee! I just love their little fuzzy pointed ears.

But last week something monumental happened.

Last week we discovered a family of foxes are living in that field.

The people who were born and raised around here must think we are nuts, or terribly annoying. Because we just gush over these sightings. You would think none of us has ever seen a wild animal. Or never been to the zoo. Those foxes strut across that field and the lot of us go running to the back windows to “ooh” and “aahhh” over them. We bust out the binoculars and snap photos. It’s embarrassing but beautiful and I’m glad to experience these wonders together as a family. I mean, in another month or two I may be defending my baby goats and flock of chickens from those furry little monsters.

And so I held onto this wonder and joy and happiness we have been feeling over our little family of foxes. I used that inspiration to my advantage. And what came out of it was the following:


felt fox pattern
felt fox pattern

Meet my little family of felt foxes! Aren’t they cute?

It took several sketches, tries, and re-tries to create these adorable foxes but I’m quite pleased with the end product. And so is my daughter who quickly whisked them away for some quiet play time.

And did I mention that Mama felt fox is carrying a baby sling? Yep. That’s right. My fox family are practicing attachment parenting. Which makes they even more alluring don’t you think?

So I decided to offer up this family of foxes I created (because let’s face it, as hard as I could try to liberate these cuties from the usually strawberry stained fingers of my Little One’s, they will disappear as fast as I can make them). This family of felt foxes iswill be available as a sewing pattern.

I do hope you enjoy! And please, if you do decide to try out my felt pattern don’t hesitate to drop me a line and let me know what you think of it, or if there is any way I could make this felt pattern better.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the Felt Fox Family’s first day out together.


felt fox pattern

pattern for felt foxes


felt fox family pattern