Felt Sewing Patterns & Kits – Make Your Own Stuffed Animals, Toys, And Dolls

Here at Delilah Iris Designs, you’ll find felt sewing patterns for toys, dolls and more!

Make your own stuffed animals! Sew your own felt dolls! Create handmade felt ornaments, decorations, and even dollhouses.

Create and make with my printable PDF felt sewing patterns, or head on over to my shop for custom handsewn toys and DIY felt sewing kits!


toy sewing patterns


About DelilahIris Designs…

I’m constantly inspired to create new whimsical dolls and creature designs.

What am I inspired by? I’m inspired by nature, wild things, and green growing things. Most of all I’m inspired by my children!

Almost everything I make is in some way rooted in my children. Many of my original creations have found their home here with my children. They are well loved and played with.

All of the toys I make are created to be played with by children. In fact, my toys are played with by children.

Take one step into my home and you’ll find my toys and creations everywhere. Each doll or toy is created for sewing patterns, then passed straight from my hands lovingly into the arms of one of my children. So I guess you could say that all of these toys are child tested and approved!

So, what would you like to sew today?

felt toy sewing patterns

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