About DelilahIris Designs

DelilahIris Designs was born out of love and out of need to stay close to my children. I started this little business as a means to make extra pocket cash doing things I love and enabling me to spend my days at home with my children.

What started as arts and crafts time with my kids quickly evolved into something beautiful. I began to make handmade wool felt toys for my kids. After making one my daughter would ask me to make another, and another. And I began to learn that I really loved crafting these little treasures. And she loved receiving them.

Now my days are filled with brainstorming new toy ideas with the kids, and then creating them from scratch. I began creating patterns for all of these creations so that I could pass on this love and joy of creativity to others.

I know my toys are well enjoyed and fun for kids to play with, because kids helped design them. These are kid tested and kid approved!


About Me!

Hi! WelcomDelilah Irise to Delilahiris.com.

I’m Delilah! I’m the one woman show and creative mind behind everything at Delilah Iris Designs.

Who am I? I’m a mom to two fantastic and imaginative creative souls – my two small children. I consider myself a bit of an earth momma. I love to spend time with the outdoors! I garden and grow food and beautiful flowers and herbs. I raise goats and chickens. I crave creative quiet time to craft and make things. It’s in my soul and part of who I am. I’m not happy unless I’m creating in some way or another.

In the fall of 2013 we took a big leap and decided to leave all and everything one we knew for a shot at living our dreams. We moved to the country and started a tiny farm. We home school our children and spend our days creating and exploring and living life to the fullest.

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