Mini Doll Pattern – Suzie The Pocket Doll

mini doll pattern

Cutie Pie Pocket Doll – Suzie

Meet Suzie! She’s one of the first in my series of Cutie Pie Pocket Doll Patterns by DelilahIris Designs.

mini doll sewing patternThese dolls are super easy to make! They are made up completely from wool felt and hand stitched.

My pattern comes complete with instructions for making a pose-able 4 inch doll that will fit in your pocket.

Over time I will be adding more dolls and even sew-able houses for them to live in.



Printable Doll Pattern Details

The Suzie doll pattern is delivered to you digitally by email or download in the form of a printable PDF File. The pattern can be printed onto standard 8.5″ by 11″ paper and includes instructions to create your own pocket doll. This is a computer drafted pattern. Do make note that this doll is a miniature so the pattern pieces are quite small. You can, however, feel free to enlarge the pattern to make a larger doll.

Suggested Material and Supplies

Wool or wool blend felt
4.5 mm safety eyes, embroidery felt, or fabric paint
needle and thread
fiber fill
(optional) pipe cleaners or wire



Computer Drafted PDF Suzie Doll Sewing Pattern… $6.00



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Who Is Suzie?

Suzie is the girl next door.

She likes animals and her garden. She loves her friends but she’s quiet and a bit shy. One of her favorite things to do is snuggle up with a good book with a hot cuppa tea.

Suzie would adore to accompany you (in your pocket of course) to the library or book store. She may even appreciate it if you made her a tiny pair of wire reading glasses.

I do hope you enjoy sewing with my doll pattern!

Do please take note that due to the nature of my digital products I am not able to offer returns or exchanges. If you are having a problem using my patterns please contact me so I can help you to the best of my ability.


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